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Sammy :iconukato-drawings:Ukato-drawings 23 4 Chars (valentine's day drawing) :iconukato-drawings:Ukato-drawings 18 3 Samus expressions reference sheet :iconukato-drawings:Ukato-drawings 34 4 If Miiverse had color compilation :iconukato-drawings:Ukato-drawings 11 5 Miiverse Doodles 7 2 :iconukato-drawings:Ukato-drawings 6 3 Miiverse Doodles 7 1 :iconukato-drawings:Ukato-drawings 5 1 Miiverse Doodles 6 :iconukato-drawings:Ukato-drawings 3 1 Miiverse Doodles 5 (regular ones) :iconukato-drawings:Ukato-drawings 3 1 Miiverse Doddles 5(last of the colored smash ones) :iconukato-drawings:Ukato-drawings 9 3 Miiverse Doodles 4 Now In Color By Gregarlink10 :iconukato-drawings:Ukato-drawings 8 6 Miiverse Doodles 3 :iconukato-drawings:Ukato-drawings 3 2 Miiverse Doodles 2 :iconukato-drawings:Ukato-drawings 3 1 Miiverse Doodles 1 :iconukato-drawings:Ukato-drawings 5 2



Hi everyone, how have you been?, nothing special tis time, just felt like drawing this XP, also I feel like I haven't drawn anything for all of you in a while despite the fact that I just drew stuff like 2 or 3 days ago (on miiverse)
Chars (valentine's day drawing)
Hi everyone, how have you been? I made this drawings yesterday to celebrate Valentine's day, while making this I remembered why I stopped making colored drawings in the 1st place, when the image has more than one character painting every single one of them is really time consuming! this took me 4 hours to finish! XD, but anyway, that's all for now, take care

All characters shown here belong to their respective owners
Samus expressions reference sheet
Just a little something I did today, no point on saving it for later since I don't know if I'l be doing more drawings with the Smash Photo studio....unless people want me to, let's see what happens, I wanted to do a full body version but, you know.....that could put me in problems, anyway, that's all for now, take care

Samus aran (c) Nintendo
If Miiverse had color compilation
Hi everyone, how have you been? I originally uploaded this drawings in 3 separated files but now I decided to just compile them all in one image, this is the way I would like to upload most of my drawings on miiverse, in color, they look much more lively this way in my opinion, I know there're many 3ds games that allow you to do just that but well....I don't have much money to buy them, I do have Pixel Paint though but I lended the 3DS that has it and the Wii U version doesn't offer a good sized canvas to upload them, anyway, that's all for now, from now on all new miiverse-related content will be uploaded here, the 8th doodles compilation is starting to take shape so probably I'll upload that one soon, that's all for now, take care

All characters shown here belong to their respective owners
Miiverse Doodles 7 2
Hi everyone, how have you been? this are all the remaining drawings from 2016, this last ones are from September to December, not much else to say really so I'll just finish it here, take care everyone

(btw keep in mind this is also on my main gallery, if for whatever reason I can't leave the same image on 2 different galleries the one on my main account would be deleted:… )

All characters shown here belong to their respective owners
Hi everyone, how have you been? the reason why I'm writing this is to advertice this as my alt account, which I'll use to upload things related to the stuff I used to draw at miiverse, seeing how the platform is going to be discontinued soon

Hopefully this alt accoun would be more easy to find for my old followers there since my main account have a completely unrelated name ( ), for now I won't be uploading much but in the future I'm planning to upload things that wouldn't fit on the miiverse canvas like comics, more elaborated drawings, etc, I'm also planning to take drawing requests here as well eventually (not right now btw), keep in mind, this alt account is planned for miiverse stuff only, for my other works like sprite sheets, animated gifs, old drawings etc please visit my main account:

I guess that's about it for now, I'll try my best to make this gallery as good, or even better as my old miiverse one, hope you stick around, take care!

Just in case, mi miiverse page:…


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aka GregarLink10
I used to make drawings and take drawing requests at miiverse, I decided to create this account so that my old followers from miiverse can find me more easily

check my main account:


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Foremem Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Are you going to be uploading your splatoon story images? I don't think I've seen any of them on either of your accounts and trying to track them down on miiverse is surpisingly difficult.
Ukato-drawings Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017  New Deviant
Yes, so far I've finished one of them, the 2nd one is unfinished abd currently I'm testing with a 3rd one, I'll be uploading the 1st one and the 3rd one eventually